Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid 0.5 oz

  • $12.95

Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid is an airline friendly (non-flammable) sensor and optical cleaner fluid. TSA approved for checked or carry-on luggage, this chemical was formulated to clean as well as the methanol based cleaners if not better. Use with Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs for the best and safest method of sensor cleaning.Not only are Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid effective on sensors, it is also well suited for all optics. Use with Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes for cleaning your lens optics.

  • Non-Flammable and Travel Safe
  • Travel Friendly, Checked or Carry on Baggage
  • The Best Non-Flammable Optical Cleaner available
  • For use with most any Sensor Cleaning Swabs
  • Made in the USA
UPC: 014891167032
BRAND: The Dust Patrol
B023B Y
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