Jeweler's Basics® - Setting Burnisher Curved 6.25"

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Transform your jewelry settings with the Jeweler's Basics® - Setting Burnisher Curved, the perfect tool to add that professional finish.

  • Key features/benefits bullet list:

  • Curved shape allows access to tight spaces

  • Stainless steel won't bend or warp

  • Smooth edges prevent scratches

  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and control

  • Long 6.25" length for hard-to-reach areas

The curved shape is designed specifically for jewelry making, allowing you to reach tight corners and crevices that straight burnishers can't access. This gives you the ability to brighten and polish your settings to a smooth, professional finish. The stainless steel construction ensures the burnisher retains its shape over time without bending or warping.

Any jewelry maker, from beginner to professional, will appreciate how the Setting Burnisher Curved makes the finishing process easier. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and control so you can burnish for long periods without hand fatigue. Achieve flawless finishes faster, then spend more time being creative and less time polishing!

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Beppie Doherty

It's a basic burnisher and does a fine job, no complaints.

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