Crystalite Triple Ripple Diamond Drill, 0.75 - 2.10mm

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Twice the life and cutting rate of standard diamond drills. This music wire diamond drill has three flutes to allow cuttings to flush away and decreases frontal contact and drag. As the edges wear, fresh diamond in the flutes maintains the cutting action. Recommended RPM - 5,000 to 20,000.


Diamond Drills


  • Start hole by allowing only a minimum amount of drill tip to protrude beyond the collet or chuck jaws since shank size is only .020.
  • Once the hole is started, adjust drill length as necessary.
  • Run at 10,000 rpm minimum or more.
  • Submerge in water or use constant flow.
  • Use drill press. Handheld tools are not recommended.
  • Use rapid up or down motion when drilling, light to moderate pressure.
  • IMPORTANT: Always recognize that the drill tip must always have coolant. A combination of excessive speed, pressure, dwell without lifting the drill, will deprive the drill of water and the tip may overheat and poof!

 Note: Automatic drills do not have sufficient pressure. Use hand feed.

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