Cutters - XBow, Oval Head Full-Flush (Extra Large)

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Cut through anything with the new Cutters - XBow, Oval Head Full-Flush (Extra Large) - the ultimate heavy-duty wire cutter built for maximum cutting power. This behemoth of a tool will slice through copper wire up to 10 AWG with the greatest of ease, delivering clean, flush cuts every time.

Engineered for extraordinary performance, the XBow features:
  • Extra-large, rounded head for intensive cutting operations
  • Hardened to an extreme 63 Rockwell for unmatched durability
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfort and control
  • Made in Switzerland to the highest standards

The extra-large head gives you the leverage and strength needed to cut even the thickest copper wire with minimal effort. It powers through AWG 10 and lower gauges in one smooth motion.

Electricians, network installers, and anyone working with heavy-gauge wiring will love the XBow. It takes the frustration and fatigue out of cutting substantial copper wire. Just a simple squeeze of the handles gives you a perfect cut - saving time, energy, and wear on your hands. This workhorse wire cutter is a must for tough electrical jobs.

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