Cutters - XBow, Micro Tip 15°

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Stop struggling to cut wires in tight spaces! The Cutters - XBow, Micro Tip 15° is the ultimate solution for precise, effortless cutting. With long, narrow jaws and an exceptionally low profile, these cutters glide into cramped areas with ease. The sharp, 15° angled edges slice cleanly through copper wire up to 20 AWG, leaving flush, burr-free cuts every time. Swiss precision and an ergonomic design provide extraordinary control, even in awkward positions. Tame tight spaces and take your cutting accuracy to the next level with the Cutters - XBow. Your wires don't stand a chance.

Key Features:

  • Long, narrow jaws for tight space access
  • 15° angled tip for precise, flush cutting
  • Cuts copper wire up to 20 AWG
  • Swiss precision and ergonomic design

With an ultra-low profile and slimline jaws, the Cutters - XBow glides smoothly into the tightest spaces. The sharp, beveled edges slice cleanly through copper wire, while the ergonomic handle gives you perfect control. Take on tight spots with ease and achieve perfect cuts in one smooth motion.

Designed for electricians and installers who need to cut wiring in cramped areas. The XBow's optimized design lets you easily access and cut wires other tools can't reach. Save time and get flawless results on every job.

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