Cutters - XBow, Tapered Head Flush (Small)

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It's time to take your wire cutting game to the next level. Introducing Cutters - XBow, Tapered Head Flush (Small) - the ultimate small flush cutter engineered for precision and power.

This compact cutter packs a punch thanks to its pointed head shape and slim profile, allowing you to maneuver into tight spaces while maintaining strength and control. Cut through solid copper wire up to 18 AWG with ease and achieve a flush, burr-free cut every time.

  • Swiss Precision and 63 Rockwell Hardness for extraordinary cutting performance
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and control
  • Slim profile provides accessibility without sacrificing durability
  • Rated for solid copper wire up to 18 AWG

Take your DIY projects and intricate work to the next level with Cutters - XBow. Stop struggling with subpar tools and step up to the ultimate cutting experience.

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