Cutters - XBow, Tapered Head Full-Flush (Large)

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Make Short Work of Tough Wires With These Heavy-Duty Full-Flush Cutters

Tired of struggling with stubborn wires that just won't cut cleanly? Our XBow Full-Flush Cutters feature an extra-large tapered head that slices through 18 AWG solid copper wire with ease. Just one squeeze delivers a smooth, flush cut every time.

  • Swiss precision manufacturing ensures unparalleled sharpness and durability
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfort and control for reduced hand fatigue
  • Hardened steel blades (63 Rockwell) glide through copper wire effortlessly
  • Flush cutting eliminates dangerous sharp points and burrs

Whether you're a professional electrician or avid DIYer, these full-flush cutters will upgrade your projects. No more wrestling with inferior tools that crush and fray delicate wire strands. The XBow's flawless cutting performance, robust tapered head, and flush finish help you work faster, safer, and with expert results. Upgrade your wire cutting game today!

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