Cutters - XBow, Tapered Relieved Head Full-Flush (Small)

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Get the cutting edge with Cutters - XBow, the precision wire cutter engineered to snip even the finest wires in the tightest spaces.

Key features/benefits:

  • Swiss precision manufacturing for unparalleled accuracy and control
  • Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand for easy maneuvering
  • Hardened steel blades (63 Rockwell) slice through solid copper wire up to 20 AWG
  • Low profile head with deep relief reaches tight spaces other cutters can't
  • Clean, flush cuts - no frayed ends or stripped insulation

When working in cramped quarters on delicate wiring, you need a cutter built for finesse. That's where the XBow Tapered Relieved Head Full-Flush cutters shine. The slim, contoured head profile slips into tight spaces most cutters can't reach. Meanwhile, the deep relief cut-out gives you the maneuverability to snip wires at challenging angles. Precision ground blades make every cut clean without damaging wire insulation or leaving frayed ends.

Whether you're an electrician, jeweler, model builder or crafter working with fine gauge wire, the XBow cutters will become your go-to tool. The ergonomic grip helps reduce hand strain during prolonged use, while the hardened steel blades retain their sharpness cut after cut. With the XBow cutters in your toolkit, you'll gain the reach, control and efficiency needed to produce professional-quality work in even the most demanding situations.

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