Tungsten Carbide Alumacut Burs 1/8” Shank

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Tungsten Carbide Alumacut Burs- with longer and wider flutes for easier chip removal and more aggressive cutting of wood, aluminum and other softer non-ferrous metals.

1/8” Shank Burs  |  Rated for up to 50,000rpm.

A-6224 Small Flame

A-6224 Small Flame

A-6210 Small Ball

A-6212 Large Ball

A-6230 Large Inverted Cone

A-6228 Small Inverted Cone

A-6232 Radius Cone

A-6222 Point Cone

A-6226 Pointed Tree

A-6220 Radius Tree

A-6218 Large Oval

A-6214 Radius Cylinder

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