Drive Pin, Angle Grinder

Drive Pin, Angle Grinder

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Replacement Drive Pin for Foredom’s original models of Angle Grinder or the Belt Sander Attachment AK79210. The earlier models were manufactured prior to 2013.

Important Note: This Drive Pin has been replaced on current models of the Angle Grinder with the A-69210 Drive Cup.

Using the Drive Pin to attach the Angle Grinder Head to H.30® Handpiece:

1. Remove H.30 handpiece from flexible shaft before mounting angle grinder.

2. Use the chuck key to open the 3-jaw chuck on your H.30 handpiece.

3. Insert and tighten the drive pin (A-69211) until drive pin head is flush with the chuck jaws.

4. Loosen angle grinder collar holdfast screw.

5. Align and match up drive pin cross bar with drive pin slot on angle grinder spindle and insert handpiece until it bottoms out into mounting collar.

6. Tighten collar holdfast screw.

7. Check that the handpiece is engaged by turning the mounted flap wheel or accessory by hand while looking into bottom of handpiece to ensure that handpiece keyway or spindle is rotating. When you are sure that the Angle Grinder head is attached properly, you can reconnect the H.30® handpiece to the flexible shaft.

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SKU: FOR-A-69211
UPC: 98666022986
Brand: Foredom
MPN: A-69211

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