Long Hub Outer Wheel Arbor, Large, Angle Grinder

Long Hub Outer Wheel Arbor, Large, Angle Grinder

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8mm high Long Hub with 14mm screw used for mounting accessories with arbor hole depths thicker than 5/32″ (4mm) but less than 9/32″ (7mm) onto angle grinder. Comes included in Angle Grinder Kits.

This long hub is used for mounting the following Angle Grinder Accessories. It comes included in Kits AK69110, AK69130, AK69130H, AK69130SJ:

1. Optional Velcro Sanding Heads A-10043, A-10044, A-10045 and A-10046

2. 2″ Abrasive Wheels A-10054, A-10062, A-10063, A-10064 and A-10068

3. 2″ Felt Wheels A-FWAGSE and A-KE6

4. Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs (when using 4 or more discs at a time) A-4542-6, A-4543-6, A-4544-6, A-4546-6, A-4547-6 and A-4548-6

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SKU: FOR-A-69212-L
UPC: 98666023006
Brand: Foredom
MPN: A-69212-L

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