Mandrel, Screw Type with 1/4” Shank

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Screw type mandrels with 1/4″ shank for mounting accessories with arbor holes.

For mounting wheels, stones, felt bobs, small buffs, and other unmounted accessories with arbor holes. overall length.

A-M84 – 1/8″ arbor hole – 2-1/8″ overall length – 20,000 RPMs Max Speed
A-M85 – 1/4″ arbor hole – 2-1/8″ overall length – 20,000 RPMs Max Speed
A-M30 – 3/8″ arbor hole – 1-5/8″ overall length – 25,000 RPMs Max Speed *
A-M31 – 3/8″ arbor hole – 2″ overall length – 25,000 RPMs Max Speed *

* 2″ Velcro Hook Sanding Heads with 3/8″ arbor holes can be mounted onto A-M30 & A-M31 mandrels for use in Foredom Handpieces.

Screw type mandrels come with different shank sizes and arbor hole dimensions. When making your selection, be sure the screw capacity of the mandrel matches the arbor hole of your accessory. Also check to see that the diameter of the mandrel’s shank fits your handpiece collet (or chuck). The right fit will help to insure safety and keep your accessory running true.

Maximum and recommended speeds depend on the type and size of accessory, as well as the mandrel in use. The ratings we publish for our mandrels are based on an 1″ overhang with an accessory that weighs under 1 gram, and is smaller than 1/2″ in diameter. As a general rule, smaller accessories and mandrels can be used at higher speeds than larger accessories and mandrels. It is a good idea to follow the recommendations that come with both the accessory and the mandrel you are using.

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