Handpiece, #50, Chisel, w/ set of 6 Chisels, A-KC503, A-KC504, A-KC505, A-KC509, & A-KC510

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Foredom's Chisel Handpiece gives a power assist to carving projects in all types of wood, plastic, and plaster. This handpiece has a contoured body design that features a rugged plastic barrel and tapered aluminum ends. The easy to maintain chisel handpiece is recommended for use at low speed with Series TX and LX motors and in forward rotation only with Series SR motors. Handpiece attaches to any flex shaft machine with a standard key tip shaft.

Chisel Handpiece must be used only in the forward motor direction.

Recommended Speed:

Optimum Speed Range- 3,000-10,000 rpm.
Max. Operating Speed- 18,000 rpm.
Handpiece specifications: 6” long, 1” in diameter, weight: 4.6 oz., ship wt.: 6.65 oz.

H.50C comes with A-KC503, A-KC504, A-KC505, A-KC506, A-KC509 and A-KC510 chisels.

Maintenance: After every 200 hours of use you should clean and lubricate this handpiece. The old grease must be cleaned off of the interior cam chamber and replaced with new lubricant. If you do not have Foredom Grease (Part No. MS10008), it is available in our web store under Supplies and Parts - Lubrication- All Lubricants. Follow the instructions that came with your handpiece or click on the link for step by step maintenance instructions.

Operating Tip: Using the chisel handpiece with a dial speed control is easier than with a foot operated control. Table top dial controls are available separately and named below. Consider ordering a kit containing the chisel handpiece and dial speed control (kit depends on motor -M.TX & M.LX or M.SR- that you have). Certain Foredom bench mounted flex shafts also come with dial controls built into their bases (models M.LXM, M.TXM and M.SRM).

Dial Speed Controls:
* C.EM (for Series S, SR, CC and L motors)
* C.EMH (for Series H motors)
* C.EMX (for Series TX   and LX motors)

Kits with Chisel Handpiece and Dial Speed Control and 11 chisels:
* Kit K.EM-50 (for Series S, SR, CC and L motors)
* Kit K.EMX-50 (for Series TX and LX motors)

Foredom offers 22 individual cutters that are sold separately and will also fit other power chisels including Proxxon and WeCheer. Member of the Foredom system of ”Interchangeable Handpieces”.

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UPC: 098666715925
Brand: Foredom
MPN: H.50C
Made In: China
Instructions - Foredom Handpiece H.50, H.50C – Chisel
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