Foredom H.MH-110 Micromotor Reciprocating Hammer Handpiece

Foredom H.MH-110 Micromotor Reciprocating Hammer Handpiece

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Hammer handpiece for stone setting and engraving. Comes in Brush Type Kits K.1080 and K.1090, and Brushless Dual Handpiece Kit K.1053.
This reciprocating handpiece has a slender, contoured grip and impact adjusting ring for precise hammering work. It operates from 0-2,500 strokes per minute. The force of the impact of this reciprocating handpiece can be adjusted from light to full by turning the metal ring while the motor is off or running. The speed of the hammer action can also be varied from 0-2,500 strokes per minute with the manual dial on the control box, or the optional foot pedal. Used with the Graver Holder, HPMH-011 handpiece becomes a precision power engraver, without the need for an air compressor or a flexible shaft drive.


6-1/4” overall length, 9/16” grip dia., 1” motor dia., 13 oz/369 gr., 1.5 amps (115v), .75 amps (230v). CE marked.
Comes supplied in Kits K.1080, K.1090 and Dual Handpiece Kit K.1053. Also works with the same HP4-917 Control Unit that comes with Micromotor Kit K.1070.


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UPC: 098666003053
Brand: Foredom
MPN: H.MH-110
Made In: United States

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