Motor Hanger, with 2 Spring Hooks, Base Mount

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The new MAMH-13 features a 25-3/4” long x .875” diameter Upright Rod and Angled Extension Rod with two spring safety clips for holding one or two motors. It comes with the MABC-3 Base Mounting Plate and wood screws for attaching to any bench top. The angled extension rod height can be adjusted so that motors hang between 33” to 38” above the work area, as measured from the top of the motor, and 20” to 28” off to the right or left side of your work piece. These are the proper measurements for maintaining a relaxed curve to the flexible shaft.

The MAMH-13 Motor Hanger is the central component of the Foredom Work Bench System which is a quality manufactured and expertly designed modular system for organizing bench tools and accessories. All components are made of brushed stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Alternative upright rods can be installed for users who already own a motor hanger, work with micromotors and other non-flex shaft tools, or just want and need a method to get organized.

Components of the Work Bench System, including the MAMH-13 Motor Hanger featured here, are available separately.
Nothing compares to the New Work Bench System - it is visually appealing and made to Foredom's top of the line standards.
Jewelers, carvers, lab technicians and precision fabricators have a new way to work in an organized and well lit work space :

The System accommodates individual organizing and storage needs. It consists of a Double Motor Hanger (and two sizes of alternate support rods for users who already have a motor hanger), pivoting LED Light Bar, and 7 styles of ”Component Arms” that swing horizontally 180º to keep accessories and compact tools within reach, or stored out of the way when not needed. A Dual Handpiece Rest is also available:

MALB-1 LED Light Bar with Shade:
This is a unique 31-1/2” long LED Light Bar with Shade that illuminates an entire work surface in the horizontal position and pivots 90º upright to turn off.

Component Arms are 12” long with uniform mounting brackets for design consistency.
1. MAAH-B   Bur Holder Arm with two tiers for holding 95 burs with  3/32” and 1/8” shanks.
2. MAMH-J   Arm for 6 Jars with plastic screw on caps.
3. MAAH-P   Peg Arm with 10 angled 1-1/2” long pegs and non-scratching felt along the upper edge.
4. MAMH-M  Magnetic Arm with non-scratch felt surface.
5. MAAH-T   Tray Arm with movable partitions.
6. MAAH-H   Multi Handpiece Arm with pegs for storing up to six handpieces.
7. MAAH-S   Shelf Arm is a platform for holding compact bench top tools including a micromotor, filter hood, wax carver and more.
MAAH-HR Dual Handpiece Rest  Holds two handpieces off the work surface when not in use.

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Made In: Taiwan

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