Mobile Up/Down Work Station

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Unique space saving solution has tower structure with built-in electrical outlets. Users can stack multiple powered devices in 16” x 22” footprint and work sitting or standing with powered up/down control. Photos show the Mobile Work Station with Foredom equipment and suggested set ups. Mobile Work Station does NOT included work chamber, dust collector, micromotor or flex shaft tool. UPS 2nd day shipping NOT available on this item.

Foredom’s Mobile Work Station is a unique and versatile solution for small and crowded labs, studios and other work spaces. Its tower structure, with built-in electrical outlets, allows users to stack multiple powered devices that would overwhelm most work surfaces.
The Station has a motorized lift that adjusts the top platform up and down to work sitting or standing. Its heavy duty casters provide ease of transport for shared use wherever needed.

The Mobile Work Station brings together combinations of Foredom and other power equipment in a footprint of only 16” x 22”. The only requirement is to be near an electrical outlet for powering up the unit and its 3-plug power strip. The unit comes assembled except for the middle shelf. The front pivoting kickstand enhances stability for safely managing different pieces of equipment.

Its 3-tier design gives you multiple options for arranging your equipment. Top and Bottom Platforms, Middle Shelf and Extension Trays have a 1/4” Lip to help secure tools:

  1. Top Work Platform: 14-3/8 square. It features extension trays that swing out to hold workpieces and other small objects. Each tray is 8 x 4-1/4.
  2. Middle Shelf: 12-1/4 x 12-5/8. It comes with a removable yoke for mounting a flexible shaft motor. With the yoke removed, the shelf is great for holding micromotors and other tools.
  3. Lower Platform: 15-5/8 x 9-3/4 tray for tools and storage. When removed, it reveals holes designed for securely mounting Foredom’s new MADC20 Dust Collector with its casters off.

Two-Year Limited Warranty


  • Weight: 44 lb
  • Ship Weight: 53 lb via UPS
  • Shipping Dimensions:
  • 34-1/2 x 22-1/4 x 20
  • Height from Floor to Top of Work Platform: 43-1/2 at highest setting, 30-1/2” At lowest setting
  • Footprint: 16 x 22”
  • Power Cord: 6' long
  • Universal Voltage:
    110/120 Volt, 50/60 Hz, comes with US plug. 220 Volt plug options available.
  • UPS 2nd day shipping NOT available on this item.

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UPC: 098666003046
Brand: Foredom
Made In: Taiwan

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