Jeweler's Basics® - Hammer, 9" with .5" Brass & Nylon Faces

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Swing into action with the Jeweler's Basics® Hammer - the jewelry maker's new best friend. This 9" hammer packs a powerful punch with its lightweight design and comfortable grip, letting you shape metal with ease. Change out the detachable brass and nylon faces in a snap to protect your work. This is one tool that helps you get the job done right.

With its innovative dual-sided replaceable faces, the Jeweler's Basics® Hammer allows you to:

  • Shape metal gently with the non-marring nylon face
  • Hammer textures and details with the solid brass face
  • Easily swap faces as needed for different jewelry projects
  • Tighten or remove faces securely with the included wrench
  • Work comfortably thanks to the contoured, easy-grip handle

Designed for jewelry makers and metalsmiths, this versatile hammer lets you shape, texture, and craft metal jewelry and components with control and precision. The lightweight 9" size provides power without adding bulk or strain as you work. Simply flip the hammer to switch between nylon and brass faces to suit your needs.

For professional and hobbyist jewelers alike, the Jeweler's Basics® Hammer is a must-have addition to your toolbox. With replaceable faces and a comfortable grip, this hammer makes metal shaping easy and efficient for all your jewelry designs.

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