Jeweler's Basics® - Hammer, 10.5" Plastic Wedge Cross Pein & Domed Head

  • $12.40
  • Save $3.10

Finally, a hammer that lets you shape and form metal without all the scratches and dings. The Ultra-light 10-1/2" Hammer with Nylon and Wood Head is designed for metalworkers who demand precision.

  • Ultra-lightweight nylon head prevents marring
  • Wide 1-1/4” head for flattening and shaping
  • Wedge head reaches tight spaces
  • Comfortable rubbertree wood handle

Tired of ruining your carefully crafted metal pieces with a heavy steel hammer? The nylon head on this beauty ensures no scratches or dents while you work. Spread it wide to flatten sheets or use the wedge end to form metal in tight spots. The wood handle gives you control and comfort through long days at the bench.

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