Jeweler's Basics® - Miter Cutting Jig/ Vise, Large

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Grab The Perfect Cut Every Time With This Heavy-Duty Miter Jig

  • Hardened steel construction ensures durability and precision
  • Holds sheets up to 28.5mm wide, wire, or tubing securely in place
  • Cut or score accurate 45°, 60°, and 90° angles with ease
  • V-grooves self-center materials for unmatched accuracy
  • Hinged design allows for quick material changes

Tired of eyeballing your cuts or using flimsy homemade jigs? This sturdy steel miter jig takes the guesswork out of angled cuts. The hardened steel build can withstand years of jewelry-making, while the hinged design lets you switch between sheets, wires, and tubing with ease.

With thick jaws that grip up to 28.5mm sheets, this jig holds your workpiece firmly in place as you cut or score. The V-grooves are a gamechanger for centering wires and tubes - just drop them in and cut perfect angles every time. For jewelers who demand precision, this jig delivers accurate 45, 60, and 90 degree cuts.

If you're ready to level up your jewelry-making skills, this miter jig is a must-have addition to your studio. With it's clever design and durable build, you'll cut more pieces with perfect precision in a fraction of the time.

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