Jeweler's Basics® - Small Diamond Drill, 0.75 - 2.50mm

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Suitable for gemstone, glass, ceramics and all other hard material.

Diamond Drills


  • Start hole by allowing only a minimum amount of drill tip to protrude beyond the collet or chuck jaws since shank size is only .020.
  • Once the hole is started, adjust drill length as necessary.
  • Run at 10,000 rpm minimum or more.
  • Submerge in water or use constant flow.
  • Use drill press. Handheld tools are not recommended.
  • Use rapid up or down motion when drilling, light to moderate pressure.
  • IMPORTANT: Always recognize that the drill tip must always have coolant. A combination of excessive speed, pressure, dwell without lifting the drill, will deprive the drill of water and the tip may overheat and poof!

 Note: Automatic drills do not have sufficient pressure. Use hand feed.

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