Knew Concepts Solid Brass Guillotine Clamps

Knew Concepts Solid Brass Guillotine Clamps

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A long forgotten bench tool, revived for modern metalsmiths: the guillotine. Not for cutting off heads, but for saving fingers.

See this video on how to use the Guillotine Clamps

Relieve the strain of holding small parts steady using your fingers and hands with our brass guillotine clamp. This handy tool is the modern incarnation of an age-old bench tool. Mounted perpendicularly on two parallel threaded posts, the brass jaws of the guillotine clamp are lined with soft, non-marring wood. Use the adjustment nuts to close the jaws against any small part; the two wood liners secure the part while you pierce, saw or file. The flat profile makes many tasks much easier than the same jobs would be in a traditional ring clamp. The clamping action also frees your fingers from the strain of holding tiny parts steady while you work; tighten the jaws with the set-screws, and the clamp does the job.


  • Dimensions: 2-¼"W x ¼"D x 2-⅛"H
  • Metal type: Brass
  • Maximum opening size: 1-¾"W x ¾"H (43 x 18mm)
  • Made in the USA

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