Kodak Carousel Slide Projector (Rebuilt) 1 Year Warranty

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Our Refurbished Kodak Carousel Projectors have all been refurbished by Factory Trained, Kodak Authorized Service Technician Curt Fargo whom has over 40 years experience. They are backed by a full 1-year warranty.

We can offer a 1-year warranty because our refurbishing process entails:

  • Cleaning internally
  • Cleaning externally
  • Replacing all parts that have failed
  • Replacing all parts that have a history of failing
  • Lubricating per Kodak’s factory service guidelines
  • Testing all functions and features
  • We have the worlds largest selection of OEM Kodak projector parts

All projectors come with a Power Cord, Remote Cord, Lens and Lamp. Slide trays are sold separately and we only recommend using the 80 slide trays (not the 140s). We also include an extra, brand new projection lamp.

We offer our projectors with a standard lens or zoom lens. In most cases the standard lens will work for most people. The zoom lens will allow you to make the image smaller. If you have a deep room and need to place the projector in the back of the room projecting onto a screen in front of the room, you might want to consider a zoom lens.

The photo(s) of the projector here is of a typical rebuilt projector, so the photo may or may not be of the exact projector and or lens that we ship to you.

Projectors that we do recommend looking at

Our first choice would be either the 750H, 760H, 850H or 860H (not the “Custom” models). These projectors will hold up longer, as their housing/case is metal. These also use the ELH lamp that is readily available and not too expensive. Please note that the model number MUST have an “H” in it. This series of projectors use the 300-watt ELH lamp instead of the predecessor (Non “H”) using the 500-watt DEK lamp. The 500-watt lamp took a lot more air to cool it, so the fan had to run faster, therefore “H” stands for “hush” as these projectors with the 300-watt lamps are quieter due to less fan noise.

Our second choice would be one of the 4400, 4600, 5200, 5400 or 5600 models. Yes, these are newer than our first choice, but their main cases/housing are made of plastic. This makes them not as robust as the “H” series of projectors. If you get one of the earliest versions of these, they had a lamp module that was a safety/burn hazard. If the door for the lamp module stays attached to the projector when the module is removed, the lamp module needs to be replaced with the newer series of module. People were burning themselves when removing the module. The Medalist AF model is essentially the same as the 4600, the Medalist I is essentially the same as the 5200 and the Medalist II is essentially the same as the 5600.

Things to consider when buying a used carousel slide projector.

Kodak is the ONLY brand we would recommend looking at as they are the only ones that you can still get parts for. Most all Kodak carousel slide projectors are good but if you are in the market for one, why not be picky?

We don’t recommend buying one that you don’t get at least a 90-day guarantee. If the seller is not willing to give you at least a 90-day guarantee, then you need to figure that you are going to have to have it serviced. These projectors have plastic parts in them that have gotten old, brittle and break even without use. If they have not been replaced, they will need replaced. A standard repair on a Kodak Carousel Projector runs around $125 plus you need to figure around another $50 for postage to and from the service center. If you are handy with tools, you can buy the parts kit to fix it for around $25.

Don’t buy a slide projector if it doesn’t come with a power cord as these are not easy to find. You can’t run down to your local hardware store and buy a new power cord. You can operate your projector without a remote cord but not without the power cord.

They don’t build them like they use to. The 1972-1981 series (600H-850H there must be an “H” in the model number) of projectors are sturdier than the 1981-2004 series (4000-5600). The 600H-850H series of projectors are our favorite and they use an ELH lamp, which is inexpensive and easy to find.

We don’t recommend the 1964-1972 series (600-800 note no “H” in the model number) of projectors as these used the very expensive, hard to find DEK lamp.

We don’t recommend buying any of the 500-550 series of Kodak Carousel projectors as there are no parts available to be able to fix them if something goes wrong.

The Ektagraphic series of slide projectors were designed for commercial use and quite often were run to death. Lots of metal parts would fail due to their extended use. If you could find one that wasn’t run into the ground, it would be just as good if not better than a regular carousel version, but since there is no hour meter on them, you can’t tell. We only sell Ektagraphic Projectors that do NOT show signs of extended use. If you are considering an Ektagraphic model, the AF-2 & AF-3 are only pre-1981 models I would consider since they used the ELH lamp. The Ektagraphic III models (post-1981) tell you their features right in the model number.  “A” stand for Auto Focus, “T” stands for Timer, “M” stands for Manual Focus and “S” stands for screen. As an example, an “Ektagraphic III AMT” has Autofocus, Manual Focus and a built in Timer. The Ektagraphic III AFT, were made for the theaters to show slides (commercials) in between movies. If it were not for the Ektagraphic III AFT, Kodak would have been out of the projector business many years earlier. There are also “B” and “E” models, but I feel they are too basic to be considered.

We do not recommend the 140 slide trays as Kodak had some unexplainable problems with them jamming at times. With this in mind, we only sell and recommend the 80 slide trays. If you have 140 trays that are working fine, I wouldn't replace them but if you need more trays, I would only buy the 80's.

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Customer Reviews

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Charles Cardarelli


Elizabeth Alexander
These folks know their stuff!

It’s one thing to buy a vintage machine from Craigslist or EBay, but it’s another thing altogether to buy an expertly refurbished vintage machine from Micro-tools. I should know, because I did both things! The Kodak Carousel slide protector that I bought on Craigslist for 50 bucks quickly failed, but I am confident my exact same projector refurbished by Micro-tools will work for many years to come. You folks really know what you’re doing, and backing your products up with a one-year warranty confirms that even more. Thank you for the care and research you put into giving new life to these classic beauties. I am SO glad I found you!

George Charlton
Kodak 750H slide projector

Works just like a new one!

Ronald Hazlinger

I still have another 850H from the mid sixties.
The rebuilt unit looks and acts as a brand new unit.

Jeffrey Gates
Works just like a new one.

It is in beter shape than the same model I replaced. It is like getting a brand new one and I am pleased to revisist all my old thousands of slides and show them to my kids and grandkids.

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