Glardon vallorbe - Needle File Knife (L:160mm - Cut: 2) LA2405

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These Swiss-made, high-precision durable files by Glardon® Vallorbe are manufactured from chrome alloy steel; then heat treated by a special process to guarantee sharper teeth for outstanding cutting performance on all hard and soft metals, including platinum. Knife files are tapered in width and thickness, but the knife-edge has the same thickness from point to shoulder. Cut on both sides. Ideal for filing in small areas because of their unique curve. They can also be used to file in a slot or wedge-shaped opening. *Please note that the higher the number, the finer the cut will be.

SKU: LA2405-160-2
UPC: 613548047101
Brand: Glardon
MPN: LA2405-160-2

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