The ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester MBT

The ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester MBT

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Four independent slots. It's like having four charger-analyzers for AA and AAA NiMH / NiCD batteries. Large backlit LCD display. Digitally displays capacity, voltage, time and current. Endless programming possibilities - over 10,000 ways! 29 selectable charging and discharging rate. Charging current from 0.2A to 2.0A and discharging current from 0.1A to 1.0A in 0.1A increments. Five modes of operation. Charge: Recharges the battery at the selected rate. Suitable for batteries used frequently. Refresh & Analyze: Charges the battery, rest for one hour, discharge, rest again, then recharges it. Selectable charging and discharging rate. Suitable for batteries stored for more than two weeks but less than 3 month or those showing poor performance. Break-In: Also known as IEC capacity measurement and InchBattery Forming Inch. Charges battery at 0.1C for 16 hours, rest for one hour, discharges battery at 0.2C, then recharges again at 0.1C for 16 hours. Suitable for new batteries and those stored for more than 3 month. Discharge: Discharges the battery at the selected rate. Cycle: Performs charge-discharge cycle for up to 12 times with discharge capacity stored in memory. Recharges battery after final cycle. New ways to take care of your batteries and maximize runtime! Battery Matching - In most devices, usually two or more batteries are used together. When batteries are used in a series, the performance is limited by the worst one. In other words, one poorly performing battery can significantly reduce the device runtime. Battery matching refers to grouping batteries with similar “actual Inch capacity. To perform this, use the Refresh & Analyze mode to determine the battery capacity. Group batteries with capacity within about +/- 5 percent of the rated capacity.

  • Provides a comprehensive means of testing more than 15 battery types
  • Microprocessor-based design makes battery testing simple
  • Small size makes it ideal for the gadget bag, toolbox, or home utility drawer
  • Tests 1.5v alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D, N), 1.2v NiMH/NiCd, 3v photo lithium, and 9v alkaline
  • Made In U.S.A.


UPC: 856777000121
Made In: United States

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