Jeweler's Basics® - Pliers, Flat Nose 2mm Jaws, Long Cushion Grip Handle

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Attention Grabber: Get a precise grip on delicate work with the Jeweler's Basics® Pliers.

  • Ideal for making sharp bends and working with small to medium jump rings
  • Smooth, hand-finished edges prevent wire marring
  • Matte finish inside jaws holds wire securely
  • Multi-purpose pliers hold, adjust, bend and move 12-28 gauge wire

Control and precision are everything when working with delicate jewelry components. These pliers give you an exact grip on wires and jump rings from 12-28 gauge so you can shape, join and assemble pieces with ease. The smooth edges ensure no accidental marking or damage happens to your work. For detailed jewelry making and precise wire work, the Jeweler's Basics® Pliers are a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Craft jewelers will love these pliers for assembling and finishing their designs. The slim 2mm tip and 27mm long jaws provide excellent control over jump rings, head pins, eye pins and other small findings. Bend, shape and connect your pieces with confidence thanks to the secure matte grip. No more frustration from tools slipping or damaging your work. Get professional results every time.

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