Jeweler's Basics® - Pliers, Nylon Jaw, Bracelet Bending Tip 20mm x 10mm

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Get a grip on perfect bracelet shaping with these Jeweler's Basics® Pliers featuring nylon jaws that prevent marring and scratching.

Key features/benefits:

  • Deep bending stainless steel pliers with replaceable nylon jaws
  • Reshape bracelets without scratching or marring
  • PVC grip provides comfort and control
  • Compact 6-inch size for precision work

Designed for jewelers and hobbyists, these pliers allow you to reshape bracelets and other metal pieces without leaving a mark. The nylon jaws firmly grip without damaging soft metals like silver and gold. Easily replace the jaws as needed or carve them into custom arcs and angles.

For jewelers, metal artists, and crafters who need to bend and shape delicate materials, these pliers take the frustration out of reshaping bracelets and metal pieces. The nylon jaws give you the control and precision to create exactly the right shape without marring or scratching your work. Enjoy frustration-free bending and shaping with a comfortable grip and compact size.

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