Jeweler's Basics® - Pliers, Nylon Jaw, Ring Forming

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Can't shape your jewelry just the way you want? These Jeweler's Basics® Pliers are the secret for crafting unique, custom pieces. With replaceable nylon jaws that prevent marring, you can reshape metal rings and more into any design. Discover the possibilities with these must-have forming pliers.

Take your jewelry crafting to the next level with these innovative Jeweler's Basics® Pliers. The stainless steel body and PVC grips provide durability and comfort, while the nylon jaws let you reshape metal without scratching or damage.

  • Nylon jaws reshape metal without marring
  • Stainless steel body for strength and longevity
  • PVC grips for comfort during intricate work
  • Easily replaceable jaws to customize shaping arcs
  • Overall length of 5.75 inches for detailed control

For jewelry makers looking for the ultimate forming tool, these pliers unlock new options for bending metal just the way you want. Say goodbye to scratches and imperfections, and hello to unique, imaginative designs.

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