Jeweler's Basics® - Pliers, Nylon Jaw, Round Nose Long Cushion Grip Handle

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Make intricate jewelry designs with ease using the Jeweler's Basics® Pliers. These top-quality pliers feature long, cushioned grips and smooth, rounded nylon jaws that won't scratch your delicate materials. Twist, bend, and shape your jewelry pieces without hand strain. The stainless steel, box joint construction ensures durability while the replaceable jaws allow for customization. Discover the versatility that makes these pliers a must-have for any jewelry maker.

With their rounded, non-marring nylon jaws, these 6" pliers allow you to grip and shape your materials without causing scratches. The long, cushioned handles give you a comfortable, fatigue-free grip. Key features include:

  • Rounded, smooth nylon jaws prevent damaging materials
  • Cushioned grips reduce hand strain
  • Stainless steel box joint construction for durability
  • Replaceable jaws for customization

For jewelry makers looking for quality pliers that provide control and protect delicate materials, these pliers are the perfect addition to your toolkit. The non-slip cushioned handles and rounded jaws give you the versatility to create intricate designs with ease and precision.

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