Jeweler's Basics® - Pliers, Round Nose Long Comfort Grip Handle

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Craft perfect loops and spirals with ease using the Jeweler's Basics® Round Nose Long Comfort Grip Handle Pliers!

Key features/benefits:

  • Comfortable padded handles provide a secure grip and reduce hand fatigue
  • Long 6.5” design allows you to comfortably reach tricky spots
  • Smooth 1” long tapered tips grip wire gently to prevent marring
  • Versatile pliers shape and size for looping wire from 12-28 gauge

The ergonomic padded handles on these round nose pliers allow you to comfortably grip and maneuver the pliers even during lengthy jewelry making sessions. The long 6.5” design gives you the reach and leverage needed to easily make loops and spirals even in hard to access areas of your jewelry project. The smooth, tapered 1” long tips firmly but gently grip wire from 12-28 gauge, giving you stability and control to shape perfect loops without marring your precious metals.

These round nose pliers are a must-have for any jewelry maker looking to craft delicate loops, jump rings, and spirals with ease. The comfortable padded handles and specialized long nose design reduce hand strain, while the smooth tips provide the control you need for detailed wirework. Both novice and expert jewelers alike will find these pliers make crafting earrings, pendants, and other loop-based designs faster and easier than ever before.

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