Jeweler's Basics® - Side Cutters, Mini 3”

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Cut the clutter and snap into precision with Jeweler's Basics® - Side Cutters, Mini 3". These compact yet capable side cutters are just what you need for detailed work requiring extreme accuracy.

  • Sharp, precision-ground cutting edges
  • Flush cutting without distortion
  • Comfortable soft grip handles
  • Durable steel construction
  • Mini 3" size for tight spaces

Jeweler's Basics® side cutters give you the detail-oriented cutting power you want in a conveniently compact size. The sharp, precision-ground cutting edges slice through wire and small parts with ease and accuracy. The mini 3" size allows you to maneuver into tight spaces while the soft grip handles ensure comfort.

If you're a jeweler, hobbyist, or anyone who works with delicate materials requiring detailed cuts, Jeweler's Basics® - Side Cutters, Mini 3" are a must-have addition to your toolbox. Their surgical cutting precision grants you the accuracy and control needed for your most intricate work.

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