Picquic Teeny Turner with P00, PH0, T5, T6, T8, S 2mm & 3mm

  • $5.99

Sometimes you need a screwdriver that can fit into tiny places even if you can't apply a lot of torque. Even though the Teeny Turner is only 2 5/8” long (with a bit inserted) it still provides a decent grip. The seven bits can be changed rapidly and are held securely in the shank with magnets.

  • No screws caps or devices are used to change bits
  • Includes: Phillips (00, 0), Slotted (2mm, 3mm), Torx (T5, T6, T8)
  • Precision tips ideal for small screwdriving
  • Also for use on models toys or battery compartments
SKU: PQ-06102
UPC: 057369061029
BRAND: Picquic
MPN: 06102
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