Jeweler's Basics® - Grooved Steel Pusher

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Add that final dazzle of shine with the Jeweler's Basics® - Grooved Steel Pusher, the secret tool jewelers use to secure stones perfectly in place. This professional-grade pusher features a 1-3/4 inch grooved steel tip that gently guides prongs over stones, securing them smoothly and safely in prong-type mountings. With precise control and expert finesse, you can achieve a professional finish every time.

  • Grooved 5x3mm steel tip for controlled, damage-free pushing
  • Securely sets stones in prong mountings without scratching
  • Long 1-3/4 inch tip reaches even tricky, hard-to-access areas
  • Allows precision prong pushing for flawless professional results

Give your pieces that expert jeweler's touch. With the finely crafted grooved tip, you can safely secure stones in their prong settings without any risk of scratching or damage. Jewelry makers will love the precise control for perfectly pushing prongs over stones of all sizes. Achieve stunning results just like the pros.

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