Pliers Set – Tronex General Purpose, Long Jaw In Case (Standard Handles)

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General purpose, standard length handle, long jaw set contains one each of: Tronex Pliers P511, P531, P544 & 5223 cutters.

This set with its long tips, is great when you need that extra reach. If you don't need the extra reach of the long tips, we recommend that you take a look at the short jaw version of this set as it will be stronger.

P511: Chain nose pliers are an essential tool for jewelry artists. They are used for holding, gripping and bending wire. Overall Length: 5.5” (140mm) - Tip Length: 1.3” (33mm)

Recommended AWG usage: Throat: 16 gauge and finer - Tips: 20 gauge and finer.

P531: Round nose pliers are typically used for making loops or creating round bends in wire. Overall Length: 5.4” (137mm) - Tip Length: 1.25” (32mm)

Recommended AWG usage (Soft Copper Wire): Throat: 18 gauge and finer - Tips: 24 gauge and finer.

P544: Flat nose pliers are used for gripping and bending wire. Overall Length: 5” (127mm) - Tip Length: .8” (20mm)

Recommended AWG usage (Soft Copper Wire): Throat: 16 gauge and finer - Tips: 18 gauge and finer

5223: This Medium Taper Relieved Head Cutters is Tronex's most popular cutter. Pointed head allows for increased cutting access yet has sufficient strength to avoid tip breakage when used within its capacity

Overall Length: 4.6” (117mm) - Tip Length: .45” (11mm)

Cutting Capacity (rating is for soft copper wire)

Model Cut Inch MM AWG
5223 Razor Flush .004”-.035” 0.1-0.9mm 38-19 
  • P511: Chain Nose - Smooth Jaw
  • P531: Round Nose
  • P544: Flat Nose - Short Smooth Jaw
  • 5223: Taper Head, Relieved, Razor Flush Edges
  • BYOK-T: Zipper Case

UPC: 196943981244
Brand: Tronex
Made In: United States
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