Fretz, Set #101, 100 Series Master Set With H-101

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The metalsmith has the option of two mounting systems, the H-101 and the VH-101, for the complete 100 Series Fretz Tools.

H-101 Holder and Hardware
The H-101 is a holder designed to be mounted on a sturdy workbench or stump to hold the Complete 100 Series Fretz Tools.

The Tool Holders
T-101 Double Ended Holder.
The T-101 holds all the M-100 Series Mushroom Stakes so they may be used with projects requiring a deeper reach than is possible with the H-1L holder. This makes it possible to form very large jewelry and small hollowware with these tools.
E-101 and E-100 Extender holder and Wedge Set.

The E-101 is an extension holder that fits in either the H-101 or VB-101 Holders.
This extra length makes it possible to mount all the M-100 Series Mushroom Stakes so they can be used in a raised position.                                                                      An example would be forming the bottom on a small bottle.
The E-100 is a wedge to help remove the M-100 Series Stakes from the E-101 Holder.

The “ T-Stake”

BH-1   Blow Horn Stake /6” or 223 mm
R-102 Tapered Raising Stake 180mm Long.
R-101 Raising Stake 180mm Long
The R-101 and R-102 are used to raise flat metal into concave and convex shapes.
They are also useful in forging thick metal stock.

The Mushroom Stakes
M-101 High Dome Mushroom Stake / 35mm Round

M-102 Low Dome Mushroom Stake / 35mm Round

M-103 Flat Mushroom Stake / 35mm Round

M-104 Large Concave Stake / 57mm Long

M-105 Medium Concave Stake / 46mm Long

M-106 Small Concave Stake / 32mm Long

M-106A Anticlastic Closing Stake

M-107 Extra Small Concave Stake / 52mm Long

M-108 Sloped Large Cone Stake / 52mm Long

M-109 Sloped Concave Cone Stake / 52mm Long

M-110 Sloped Convex Cone Stake / 52mm Long

M-111 40mm Convex Cuff Stake / 36mm Long

M-112 30mm Convex Cuff Stake / 36mm Long

M-113 20mm Convex Cuff Stake / 36mm Long

M-113A Starting Fluting Stake

M-113B Finishing Fluting Stake

M-114 10mm Convex Cuff Stake/36mm Long

M-115 Low Compound Curve Stake/ 52mm Long

M-116 High Compound Curve Stake/ 52mm Long

M-117 Flat Cuff Stake/ 52mm Long

M-118 Baby Flat Cuff Stake/ 52mm Long

M-119 Large Spoon

M-120 Medium Spoon

M-121 Small Spoon

M-122 Shallow Concave Stake

M-122 Shallow Concave Stake

M-123 Minimal Concave Stake

M-124 Large Collar Mushroom Stake / 1 3/4 “ or 44 mm

M-125 Tall Large Collar Mushroom Stake / 1 13/16 “ or 46 mm

M-126 Medium Collar Mushroom Stake / 1 15/16 or 49 mm

M-127 Small Collar Mushroom Stake / 1 ½ “ or 38 mm

M-128 Wide Flat Doming Bracelet Stake / 1 7/16” or 36 mm

M-129  Narrow Flat Bracelet Stake / 1 7/16” or 36 mm

M-130  Straight Fluting Stake / 2 “ or 50 mm

M-132A  Starting Low Dome Fluting Stake

M-132B   Finishing Low Dome Fluting Stake

S-1 Wooden Stake Rack 83/4”x 5” 
S-3 Wooden Stake Rack 12”x 5” (2 pcs)

The M-100 Stakes are used for forming metal while held in the T-101 or H-1L Holders.
The various shapes lend themselves for forming and texturing flat, concave, convex and compound curves.

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SKU: SET-101
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Made In: Viet Nam

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