Fretz, Stake Set #103 Jewelers Bracelet 100 Series Set

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SET 103 Includes:
This set is useful for making flat, concave and convex cuff and bangle bracelets.
The rich of the H-1L Holder is longer than the original H-1 Holder so the projects made with the M-100 Series Mushroom Stakes will not touch the workbench while being worker on.

H-1L Long Holder with Hardware
The H-1L is a good choice for jewelers where the extra reach of the T-101 is not needed.
M-104 Large Concave Stake /57 mm Long
M-105 Medium Concave Stake /46 mm Long
M-106 Small Concave Stake /32mm Long
M-107 Extra Small Concave Stake/52mm Long
M-122 Shallow Concave Stake
M-123 Minimal Concave Stake

M-104 thru M-107 and M-122 and m123 Mushroom Stakes are useful for forming concave shapes with diameters of two inches and up. These stakes are for sinking round sheet metal tubes and flat sheet.

M-111 40 mm Convex Cuff Stakes/36 mm Long
M-114 10 mm Convex Cuff Stake/36mm Long
M-113 20 mm Convex Cuff Stake/36mm Long
M-112 30 mm Convex Cuff Stake/36mm Long
The M-111 thru M-114 Mushroom Stakes are useful for forming various convex shapes with round diameters of two inches and up. The raising process of compressing the edge of a cylinder is their main function though they are very useful for doming various shapes as well.
M-117 Flat Cuff Stake/52mm Long
M-118 Baby Flat Cuff Stake/52mm Long
The M-117 and M-118 Flat Cuff Mushroom Stakes are used to form and texture round flat bracelets.
The also can be used to form concave cylinder shapes while tilting and rotating the shapes as they are being hammered.
S-3 Wooden Stake Rack 8-3/4”x 5”

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SKU: SET-103
UPC: 887698002291
Brand: Fretz
MPN: SET-103
Made In: Viet Nam

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