Pliers Set – Tronex 7 Piece Set (Standard Handles)

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This 7 piece set will cover most of your pliers and cutters needs. In this set you get 6 5” Standard Handle tools and a wooden tool stand. A great set at a nice discount as the retail price $313.20

This set contains the 6 most popular Tronex tools.

The pictures are of the tools wit 7” ergonomic length handles but this listing is for the same tools with the” standard length handles.

Tools Included:

5223 - Taper, Relieved Head Cutters w/Razor Flush Edges
Head width is .37” (9.5mm) at the widest point.
Recommended Cutting Capacity: 18 gauge and finer
Recommended Tip Cutting Capacity: 22 gauge and finer

5513 - Oval head cutters w/Razor Flush Flush Edge
Head width is .37” (9.5mm) at the widest point.
Recommended Cutting Capacity: 18 gauge and finer
Recommended Tip Cutting Capacity: 20 gauge and finer

511 - Smooth Jaw Chain Nose Pliers
Tip length is 1.30” (33mm).
Recommended Gauge Usage: 16 gauge and finer
Recommended Tip Gauge Usage: 18 gauge and finer

545 - Flat Nose Pliers, Short Smooth Jaw Wide Tips
Tip length is 1.25” (31.7mm).
Recommended Gauge Usage: 16 gauge and finer
Recommended Tip Gauge Usage: 20 gauge and finer

552 - Bent Nose Pliers, Sturdy Tips
Tip diameter is .09” (2.2mm).
Recommended Gauge Usage: 12 gauge and finer
Recommended Tip Gauge Usage: 20 gauge and finer

531 - Round Nose Pliers Long Jaw
Tip length is 1.25” (31.7mm).
Recommended Gauge Usage: 20 gauge and finer
Recommended Tip Gauge Usage: 22 gauge and finer

These specialized pliers cutters are a great addition to any wire work or bench jeweler's tool kit.

• 7” Ergonomic Handle
• Tronex pliers should be used with soft metals only including: fine silver, gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, and copper.
• Always use pliers within their recommended capacity.
• Bearing ring lap joint design that insures superior performance to other pliers made with only rivet joints or box joints.
• Cushion grips (ESD safe) with stainless steel leaf springs.
• Made In The USA

Pliers made by Tronex are quickly becoming the pliers of choice among professional jewelry makers and serious jewelry artists. Each of our pliers are crafted with care and individually checked to meet the high performance and finish standards of Tronex.

Each of the Tronex pliers have the following features:
• Proudly 100% made in the USA with the highest quality standards
• Bearing ring lap joint design insuring superior performance compared to other pliers made with only rivet or box joints
• Choice of standard or ergonomic handles
• Comfortable grips with stainless steel leaf springs
• Polished, hand-crafted finish, entirely free of burrs
• Special design elements such as slightly rounded inner jaw or induction hardened tips
• Unique innovative designs specifically for jewelry work

For jewelry artists, designers and instructors, having access to the highest quality hand tools allows you to focus on the important part of jewelry making: the piece you are working on! Tronex provides jewelry customers with the highest quality tools available to ensure that jewelry making is enjoyable, comfortable and of course – beautiful!

Jewelry industry professionals know that Tronex tools are the best. But what if you don’t know much about jewelry tools? Hold a Tronex tool in your hand. How does it feel? Like all Tronex products, their cutters and pliers are each fitted with comfort-fit grips on the handles. Most of our their jewelry tools are available in both ergonomic and standard lengths to provide the you with the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility in the jewelry making process. Finding the right tool can prevent fatigue and discomfort while making jewelry – especially when doing repetitive tasks such as Chainmaille or wire loops.

Try cutting a piece of soft wire (such as sterling, gold filled, gold plated, brass, copper, or braided beading wire, etc.)*. Do you hear the distinctive “snap” when the wire is cut? That sound is the precision of the Tronex cut! Tronex cutters make a clean, crisp cut through fine, soft wire.  Tronex works very hard to ensure that each tool performs this way perfectly! Tronex quality assurance team inspects each tool individually before it is boxed for shipment. Their cutters feature a unique, high quality – high performance design including a strong nut resistant to heavy loads; a washer which resists metal on metal wear, matched bearing rings which minimize metal on metal contact and a screw with fine pitched threads for a perfect factory setting. What does this mean? Quality design means quality performance. Tronex pliers are also carefully designed with quality in mind. Tronex pliers feature a bearing ring lap joint (much better performance than tools made with a rivet or box joint), stainless steel leaf springs, a polished, hand crafted finish; special design elements including “eased” inner edges and induction hardened tips on some models. All of Tronex's pliers are 100% made in the USA.

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