Pliers Set - Tronex 9 Piece Set (Standard Handles)

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This Tronex 9 piece pliers set with standard handles includes 511, 513, 531, 532, 543, 544, 5112, 5223, and a wood pliers block. The 511 is a chain nose pliers, which features a very fine tip (.060” x .050”), eased inner edges, and extended gripping power. The 513 is a short chain nose pliers, which features a short strong nose with induction hardened tips for additional strength. The 531 is a round nose pliers, which features very fine tips and a long jaw, which allows for an increase range of loop diameters. The 532 is a short jaw round nose pliers, which provides increased stiffness at the tips to resist deformation when working with heavier gauge wire. The 543 is a flat nose pliers with a smooth jaw, and the long nose offers extended reaching capability. The 544 is a flat nose pliers and the short, smooth jaw allows for firm gripping and amazing control. The 5112 is an oval head cutter, which is a strong pliers used for general purpose cutting. The 5223 is a taper head cutter, which allows for increased cutting access yet has sufficient strength to avoid tip breakage when used within its capacity.

  • 511: chain nose plier; 513: short chain nose pliers
  • 531: round nose plier; 532: short jaw round nose pliers
  • 543: flat nose plier; 544: short, flat nose pliers
  • 5112: oval head cutter; 5223: taper head cutter


UPC: 014891167483
BRAND: Tronex
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