Cutters - Lindstrom TRX-8180 Heavy Duty Progressive Bevel

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A large Lindstrom cutter in the RX series for use on copper wire and hard wire applications. The TRX8180 heavy-duty cutter can handle solid copper wire and hard steel wire from 24 gauge (0.5 mm/0.02”) up to 9 gauge (2.75 mm/0.11”) This powerhouse cutter utilizes the new progressive cut beveled edges - suited for soft wire at the tip and hard wire closer to the jaw - for versatile operation. Micro-bevel cutting edges hardened to 63-65 for durable performance.

  • Micro-Bevel Cutting Edge
  • Rated for 9-5 AWG Soft Copper Wire
  • Ergo Handle
  • Overall Length: 8.26” (210mm) - Tip Length: 0.826” (21mm)
  • XL Oval Head


SKU: TRX-8180
UPC: 7314150112272
BRAND: Lindstrom
MPN: TRX-8180
Made In: Spain
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