Jeweler's Basics® - Tweezers, Cross Lock Straight With Fiber Grips - 6.5"

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Tired of tweezers that can't seem to hold onto anything? Upgrade to the Jeweler's Basics® Cross Lock Tweezers for game-changing precision.

  • Aligned stainless steel tips for flawless precision
  • Slip-resistant fiber grips enhance dexterity and control
  • Extended 6.5" length ideal for close, detailed work

With expertly aligned tips, these cross lock tweezers grasp and place the smallest items with total accuracy. The textured grips provide superior dexterity and prevent hand strain during intricate jobs. Whether you're a jeweler, crafter, or hobbyist working with tiny parts, this indispensable tool allows you to manipulate objects with ease. Take your skills to the next level with tweezers engineered for perfection.

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