Jeweler's Basics® - Tweezers, Cross Lock Straight With Small Round Mouth - 6.5"

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Work with precision and ease with the Jeweler's Basics® Cross Lock Tweezers, the gold standard for jewelry crafting and repair.

Key features/benefits:

  • Cross lock design provides unparalleled gripping strength and control for detailed work
  • Round, non-magnetic tips grab even the smallest gems or findings
  • Stainless steel slims to a narrow point for working in tight spaces
  • Cushioned handles offer comfort and reduce hand fatigue during long projects
  • Length of 6.5" gives improved reach and visibility

The cross lock design sets these tweezers apart, giving you a supremely strong grip and precise control for detailed jewelry work. The tension in the crossover stays completely steady, helping you securely hold small items for assembly or intricate repair work. The tips align perfectly without gaps, picking up gems, jump rings, head pins, and more with ease.

Jewelry makers and repair specialists will find these cross lock tweezers indispensable. The narrow, non-magnetic tips provide superior precision for stringing beads, attaching findings, and manipulating small parts during design and restoration work. The comfortable cushioned grip makes your hands happy even after hours at the jewelers bench. Keep your projects flowing smoothly with the control and accuracy the Jeweler's Basics® Cross Lock Tweezers provide.

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