Power Supply 4-in-1 Regulated

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4-in-1 Regulated Power Supply. Digital/ Analog Trainer.Provides four separate, fully regulated supplies. Three are fixed and yield -12V DC at 1 amps, +5V DC at 3.0 amps, or +12V DC at 1 amp. The fourth supply is variable, producing 2.5V to 20V of DC with a maximum current of 2 amps. Line and output voltages are regulated to within 0.05 volts, and the supply is linear. -- All four supplies are short proof: a current foldback circuit in each supply collapses the field in the event of a short, a current surge from the line, or an excessive current demand. Measures 9¼” x 9¼” x 3¼”; includes 3-wire grounded power cord for 115V AC operation, panel meters for both current and voltage, and standard jacks for -- accessing the four regulated supplies. --

  • Elenco's most popular solid-state DC power supply, ideal for use anywhere a DC voltage is required
  • Contains four fully regulated power supplies
  • Output voltage is accurately held by special regulating circuits
  • Made in the United States; Made by Elenco Electronics


SKU: XP-581A
UPC: 756619006949
BRAND: Elenco
MPN: XP-581A
Made In: China

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