Cutters - Xuron Micro-Shear® Flush - ESD Safe Grips

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Attention-grabbing opening sentence: Don't get shocked - cut wires safely and precisely with the original Xuron Micro-Shear® Flush cutters, now with ESD safe grips.

Key features/benefits bullet list:

  • Patented ultra-slim profile design fits into tight spaces and increases precision
  • Cuts soft wire up to 18 AWG (1mm)
  • Ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand
  • ESD safe grips prevent static discharge while working on electronics
  • Made in the USA with quality steel blades for clean, smooth cuts

Invented over 30 years ago, the slim profile and curved shape of the Xuron Micro-Shear® Flush cutters allow for superior maneuverability and access compared to standard cutters. The ultra-slim design and precision blades let you snip wires in even the tightest spaces of electronic devices. No more frustration from trying to fit clunky tools where they just can't go. Experience improved comfort, control and accuracy with these ergonomically designed cutters.

The Xuron Micro-Shear® Flush cutters are a must-have for electronics technicians, electricians, makers, crafters, hobbyists, and anyone working with delicate circuitry. The ESD safe grips give electronics professionals peace of mind by preventing static discharge that can damage sensitive components. For crafters and hobbyists, the sharp blades provide clean, burr-free cuts of soft wire that won't leave behind frayed ends. The comfortable design reduces hand strain during long work sessions. With superior precision, safety and comfort, the Xuron Micro-Shear® Flush cutters improve workflow and results for detailed cutting tasks.

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