Cutters - Xuron® Professional Sprue Cutter (2175ET)

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The Cutting Edge for Master Modelers

This innovative sprue cutter gives you the reach and precision you need to perfectly cut and trim plastic parts. With its long, low profile jaws, this tool easily accesses even the tightest spaces on your model kit. The Micro-Shear by-pass blade delivers clean, smooth cuts without damaging delicate parts.

  • Long, slimline jaws reach tight spaces
  • Micro-Shear blade for smooth, clean cuts
  • No pinching or damage to parts
  • Flush cutting gets closest to the part

Specially designed by a scale modeler for scale modelers, this cutter is a must-have for the master modeler. The slim, angled jaws let you precisely trim excess plastic and cut parts from the sprue in hard to reach areas. With clean, smooth cuts, you can achieve a flawless, professional finish.

For plastic modelers working on complex kits, this sprue cutter is the perfect tool to achieve clean de-gating and precision trimming. The innovative design and quality construction ensure smooth, close cutting without any risk of damaging your models. Take your skills to the next level with this essential modeling tool.

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