Cutters - Xuron® Music Wire Shear, Lead Retainer (2193F)

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Make quick work of cutting music wire with the Xuron® Music Wire Shear. This heavy-duty shear features self-adjusting clamps that hold the wire perpendicular to the jaws, allowing for square cuts on both sides of the wire. No more struggling to get a straight cut!

  • Self-adjusting clamps hold wire perpendicular to jaws for square cuts
  • Hardened steel blades easily cut music wire up to .060" diameter
  • Cuts 29-15 AWG wire including music, spring, piano, nichrome, and more
  • Lead retainer catches cut-off ends for easy cleanup

With its smart design and sharp blades, this shear takes the frustration out of cutting music wire. Simply place the wire between the jaws, squeeze the handles, and enjoy a clean, straight cut every time. Musicians, crafters, and jewelry makers will love having such an efficient tool for all their small-gauge wire cutting needs. Say goodbye to crooked snips and jagged edges!

The Xuron Music Wire Shear is a must-have for anyone working with delicate music wire. Its ability to grip and precisely cut wire makes crafting smooth, uniform pieces a breeze. Join the pros in having this handy shear at your workspace.

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