Cutters - Xuron® Maxi-Shear™ Flush - Cable Tie Cutter, ESD Safe Grips (2275AS)

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Cut through the clutter with ease using the Xuron® Maxi-ShearTM Flush Cable Tie Cutter. This innovative shear is the first to offer unrestricted cutting access along the full length of the blades. Quickly and cleanly snip away cable ties, wire and soft plastics without pinch points or spikes left behind. The long, low-profile design fits into tight spaces to trim wire up to 12 AWG and cut ties up to 1⁄4” wide.

  • Full cutting edge access for smooth, easy trimming in tight spaces
  • Cleanly cuts ties, wire and plastic - no pinches or spikes left behind
  • Low profile shape fits into confined areas
  • Cuts 12 AWG wire and 1⁄4” cable ties

With its extended cutting blades, the Maxi-Shear glides through materials with ease. No more struggling to snip away ties and wires in cramped areas. The smooth, flush action helps prevent accidents too. For frustration-free cutting of wire, cable ties and plastic, choose the Xuron Maxi-Shear.

Perfect for electricians, installers and anyone working with tied bundles of wires. The extended cutting edge makes quick work of trimming flush.

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