Cutters - Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush - ESD Safe Grips, Lead Retainer (410ASF)

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Cut through wires and leads with surgical precision using the Xuron Micro-Shear Flush Cutters, designed to give you the ultimate control and accuracy.

Key features/benefits:

  • Ergonomic short-cut design fits perfectly in your hand for precise, comfortable use
  • Patented Light Touch return spring for smooth, easy cutting motion
  • ESD safe grips prevent static buildup while retaining leads
  • Hardened steel construction for durability and long-lasting sharpness

With an optimized grip and specially designed spring, these flush cutters allow for clean, effortless snips every time. The ergonomic shape ensures a secure, non-slip fit in your hand no matter the angle or cutting task. Experience noticeably easier, faster cutting than with standard flush cutters.

Electronics professionals, hobbyists, and anyone who works with small wires or components will appreciate the Xuron Micro-Shear's unmatched control and accuracy. Comfortably make precision snips all day long without hand fatigue.

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