Cutters -Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter- Angled Head, Tapered Tip, ESD Safe Grips (420TAS)

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Cut Through the Clutter with Precision and Ease!

The Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter offers unparalleled precision and comfort for your detailed cutting tasks. With its angled head and tapered tip, you'll slice through wires and components with surgical accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Sheared, tapered tip provides clean, flush cuts
  • Ergonomic grip fits comfortably in your hand
  • Enhanced black finish eliminates glare
  • ESD safe grips prevent static buildup
  • Hardened steel blades for durability

Get in close without hand strain. The angled head and compact size allow you to maneuver into tight spaces and maintain control. The specially contoured rubber grips keep the cutter secure in your hand despite the tool's small size. You'll experience less hand fatigue, even after hours of detailed cutting work.

This essential cutting tool enables hobbyists, crafters, model builders, and electronics technicians to achieve flawless results. The Xuron® Micro-Shear's® precision cutting performance and comfortable grip make it the top choice for detailed cutting tasks where accuracy matters.

Cut with Confidence!
The Xuron® Micro-Shear® helps you achieve clean, professional results. Its angled head and tapered tip provide unmatched control for detailed cutting work. Specially hardened blades slice through components and wires with ease. And the ergonomic grip fits comfortably in your hand for reduced hand strain. For precision cutting without hand fatigue, choose the Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter.

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