Pliers - Xuron® Tweeze Nose(tm) - ESD Safe Grips (450AS)

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Take control of even the most delicate electronics work with the Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ ESD Safe Grips Pliers. These ultra-precise tweezer pliers allow you to grasp and hold wire less than 1 mil thick, with a strong yet gentle grip perfect for intricate wire forming.

  • Anti-static grips prevent static discharge while you work
  • Precision aligned tips with radiused edges to protect wire
  • Capable of holding wire less than 1 mil thick with ease
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use

The Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ pliers give you superior control and precision for delicate electronics and telecommunications work. The slim, aligned tips allow you to grasp tiny wires, leads, and components without damage, while the radiused edges ensure no wire scratches or frays. The anti-static grips keep your work static-free and prevent discharges as you handle sensitive electronics.

If you work with tiny, delicate wires and components and need to maintain absolute precision, the Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ ESD Safe Grips Pliers are the ideal tool. The ultra slim, aligned tips are specially designed for precision work, giving you the control you need for intricate wire forming or component handling. Upgrade your electronics projects with the precision and control of the Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ today.

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