Pliers - Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ - Serrated (450S)

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Stop struggling with fumbling fingers and slippery parts! The Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ pliers revolutionize delicate work with their precision 45-degree bent tips and serrated grips. Specially designed for detailed tasks, these pliers allow you to "tweeze" and twirl even the smallest components with ease. The serrated jaws provide superior gripping power, while the angled, aligned tips give you clear sight lines for handling tight spaces and tricky placements. Robotics and electronics projects are a breeze with the control and accuracy of the Tweeze Nose pliers.

  • Serrated tips grip items tightly without slipping
  • 45-degree bent tips for improved visibility
  • Perfectly aligned tips access hard-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for detailed work with small parts and tight spaces

For robotics builders and electronics technicians, the Xuron Tweeze Nose™ pliers provide the precision and control needed for your most delicate projects. Their specialized serrated tips and angled precision design make even the trickiest placements simple.

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