Pliers - Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ - Serrated, ESD SafeGrips (450SAS)

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Precision and comfort meet strength and durability with the Xuron® Tweeze Nose™ Pliers - the ultimate tool for detailed wire work.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Ultra precise needle nose design grasps wire less than 1 mil thick
  • Serrated jaws provide superior gripping strength for wire forming
  • Radiused edges protect delicate lead wires from damage
  • Patented non-protruding spring minimizes hand fatigue
  • Lightweight construction reduces strain during extended use

The innovative narrow nose design of the Tweeze Nose™ Pliers allows for precision control when working with even the finest gauge wires. The serrated jaws firmly grip wire less than 1 mil thick without slipping, providing the strength and leverage needed to bend and shape delicate conductors. Radiused edges ensure wires are not scratched or nicked during handling. Even after hours of intricate wire work, the patented non-protruding spring and lightweight build help reduce hand strain.

The Xuron Tweeze Nose™ Pliers are ideal for electronics technicians, jewelers, hobbyists, and other professionals requiring a high level of control and dexterity when working with fine wires. The extreme precision and stamina of these pliers enables users to comfortably carry out detailed circuit board, jewelry, model building, and other micro-projects requiring precision wire handling over extended time periods. Workers who frequently experience hand fatigue from smaller pliers or wire cutters will appreciate the comfortable, ergonomic design.

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